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Inkredible Effort

Okay, so let's start this off nice and easy.

A slightly moody pic of Tarzan

Why start with Tarzan?

I just wanted it as the cover picture for this blog - it's nice and colourful.

Now, where were we....ah yes!

Inkcredible effort!!

In case you haven't guessed this is an Inktober post. In November.

Now, I did consider just spamming you with 31 crudely drawn pen drawings that I did over the course of the month.

That's what I did to everyone on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

This is my sorry face...

But that is a lot of effort and if we're honest this blog is already just a (marginally) glorified excuse to show you a bunch of pictures I drew. 31 of them in a row with only the tiniest amount of explanation would be pushing my luck. Especially as I only want to show you the actually decent ones.

And some of them are just bleak...

So I haven't really thought about how I'm gonna present them to you. I suppose I should first tell you the actual challenge I had to complete for this years inktober challenge.

I mean obviously it's Inktober so they all have to be ink drawings, but the subject is somewhat variable.

I've done animals, portraits, monsters and stuff before but for the first time this year I was not in control of my own destiny; my girlfriend made a list of promt words for me.

Some of which did not come out as she intended...

Which was great for me 'cos I really just use Inktober as an excuse to challenge myself a little artistically. The ink part is less important than drawing something every day in what is usually a fairly short time.

I approach it with grim determination...

Usually I'll pick a subject I struggle with (portraits one year) and doing 31 pics will give me a little level up. Yes I could have done it in pencil at any time of the year, but inktober just seems like the perfect excuse and I am very comfortable using ink.

It makes me smile, it does!

I mean I should probably apologise to Inktober purists, who create beautiful intricate works with ink and brushes and pens. I use a biro. Well, a bic specifically; notable for being not a biro.

And we mourn that fact...

But I won't because I don't really care what medium I draw in as long as I can draw in something. Or paint. It's been a long time since I was worried about doodling something bad and if I'm honest I have never really been afraid of trying out a new tool, medium or program.

I was only ever afraid of the monsters...

So, back on subject. A list of random words seemed like the perfect challenge to test my creativity; especially knowing that there would likely be expectations for each words that I would want to try and subvert.

Though sometimes it would seem hopeless

And while it may have seemed I had a mountain to climb at first...

Okay, that one was slightly forced...

As long as I didn't come to pieces...

oh good god...

...I could come up with something pretty.

Prettiness is subjective

So in conclusion then; inktober was fun.

No wait, I lost my train of thought...

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous

That was just the explanation, I was gonna come up with a way of presenting a bunch of inktober pics.

I mean, inktober was fun but I still gotta stretch this out to a blog you know.

Are we just giving up on linking the picture to the text now?

Before I have a meltdown...


Okay I'm done now.

I'll just shove a bunch of pictures in the text and hope it makes sense.

I should really have thought of a snazzy sign off by now...

erm, bye.


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