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About me, which is Tim Jenkins.  I am Tim Jenkins.  Not Spartacus

Born in the rain drenched valleys of South Wales.

Has yet to escape...


I'm an artist/illustrator from South Wales who dabbles in a variety of digital and traditional media with a particular love of pen and ink.

Digitally I am well versed in programs such as photoshop and Clip Studio Paint to produce digital artwork and have also recently become quite adept at Adobe Illustrator to produce vector illustrations.

I have so far illustrated and written a number of self published books including The Computakids Adventure In Africa and my first comic book Zombie Ted And other Tales Of Terrifying Terrorfulness and it's sequel Zombie Ted And The Sinister Sequel Of Scaryfullness.

I have recently completed work on my first colouring book, The Nonsense Pirate Colouring Book and my first Christmas book, The Elf Who Lost His Sock- Available now on Amazon!

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