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Absent Without Leaves

It's an art pun.

Barely an art pun but still an art pun. It's the proper name for a sheet of paper (page refers to one side of a leaf).

I can do jokes!

Anyway, this is my first blog in (insert embarrassingly high number here) months and I should really explain my absence from my own website.

I should.

But I'm not going to. It's just too boring for words. Let's just say I've been busy and pretend that the continued mystery makes it more interesting shall we?

Anyway, I'm an artist and not a writer.

Quick, here's a picture:

It's rather pretentiously called "Ember"

It's a painting I did a little while in acrylics as a gift for my girlfriend.

Yes, I have a girlfriend. It seems unlikely but there is apparently someone willing to put up with the sheer density of puns I produce.

I quite like it myself (the painting I mean, though the girlfriend thing is awesome too); it's kinda sorrowful. I painted it with the mindset that the embers floating around her are the remains of everything she ever loved. That's she's standing in the middle of it all as it burns.

I'm a really fun person. No really. I can juggle and everything. I can't juggle very well, but it still counts.

Look, my girlfriend liked it. That's all that really matters.

She's awesome by the way.

She writes stuff and has a proper blog that's actually pleasant to read.

You can find it here:

As you can see she is in no way mediocre and does in fact write rather charming posts about her daily trials as a writer and occasionally our ongoing war against the Dodos.

Say nothing. The dodos will hear you.

Here's another picture to distract you:

This is an actual book. Not my book. It's my brother's book. He is the T. A. Jenkins of the family.

I'm just a common T. W. Jenkins.

If you click the picture you'll be taken to Amazon where you can actually purchase the book. Or, y'know, just look at the listing like a weirdo.

Or you can just click HERE instead. Though I should say as well, there's a snazzier version with a nicer cover HERE. I didn't do that cover, which is why I didn't put the picture in here.

There's only so much free advertising I'm willing to provide you know.

It's a book of short stories and a lot of fun. You should read it. (do you think I can get him to pay me if I say something extra nice? Like,"It made me a better squash player" or something. I don't play squash but I do drink it so it's not completely implausible).

Quick, another picture!:

It's Hellboy!! Ish...

It's my last picture of 2018, a drawing of Hellboy to celebrate the slightly disappointing trailer for the impending film.

It doesn't really look like any version of Hellboy I've ever seen (this drawing, not the new movie) apart from the basic features; but that was kind of what I was trying for. I wanted to create something uniquely my version of Hellboy.

I am a little uncertain of the new film at the moment. I was promised something grimmer and so far it's looks just like the Ron Perlman movies. If you're not doing something new I would have been happy to just watch more Ron Perlman. I could drown in the first movie I loved it so much.

Usually I insert a side joke about the only people reading this in the post apocalypse as I go along.

But I think they'd be dead or have lost interest by now. They have to start rebuilding a basic civilisation and otherthrow their fungal overlords after all.

Assuming the dodos didn't get us all first.

Here's another picture to distract you:

Oh wow... that is 3 pictures!

I am getting the hang of this!

Just some drawings I did for an art class I go to. We were doing faces that week in preparation for the big one - human emotions!!!

I did some of those too:

It's a well known fact that confusion turns to anger...

I think it's really helpful to label human emotions in order to understand them. The guy on the left could easily have just sat on a pineapple and the guy on the right could easily have just regretted putting his pineapple on a chair.

There's more:

A full cover happy smile. Well kinda happy...

See, I'm not sure about this one.

It's a technically a smiley face (not the yellow kind) but one that isn't overly happy. There's a slight mocking quality to it. A kinda "Yeah right"ness to it.

At least it's in colour. I used pencils.

That'll warm you up for this:

He's feeling blue, geddit?

Coloured pencil and ink.

I am spoiling you.

Though we've kinda come full circle to misery again. The emotional state, not the book. I have barely read any Stephen King and I haven't seen the movie either.

It's kinda weird though, coming back to misery and sorrow. Because I am not currently miserable.

I am in fact really happy. I have an awesome girlfriend, my job actually uses some of the artistic skills I've developed over the years and my life finally seems to be on an actual positive trajectory and not stuck in a state of suspended animation like it has been for the last few years.

Change isn't coming, it's here.

And that's got to be good right?

Anyway, I'm bored. Are you bored?

I should probably just stop now.


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Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins
Jan 20, 2019

Just a humble illustrator miss😉


Becci Applin
Becci Applin
Jan 20, 2019

I cannot express how amazing your art is. Well, I can. But it would never do it justice. And I laughed so much at the words. They were shiny and made giggles and guffaws escape. Shame you're not a writer really.

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