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Cardiff Independent Comic Expo

Blog post part 2 it is!

Okay, I'll keep this brief but this is just a quick reminder that I will be selling my books Zombie Ted 1 & 2 next Saturday (2nd of June 2018, just in case someone is reading this in some sort of dystopian future. If you are, you really should get back to killing those fungal zombie people and collecting tinned food) along with a bunch of prints, badges and other stuff at the Cardiff Independent Comic Expo in the Mercure Hotel in Cardiff (c'mon, I bet you guessed the Cardiff bit ;).

If there were people reading this I would hope to see you there. I don't bite but I do look in the vague direction of my shoes a lot.

Incidentally, if you are reading this in a post apocalyptic dystopia you probably missed the Expo. Which is bad. But on the bright side, if Cardiff still exists you will at least find plenty of tinned food there. Which is good.

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