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Given Cyfarthfa Chance

Or half a chance? Get it?

It's a joke.

I started with a joke.

No you shut up.

It was funny.

Funny ish?

Okay it wasn't funny.

But at least I tried.

Anyway, hello again.

It has been a while hasn't it?

That's not rhetorical. Hasn't it?

A 2 week break in a what was intended as a weekly blog is quite a while in some respects but in others it's completely irrelevant. A split second in a cosmic eternity even.

I am stalling here, you realise that.

I have news.

This news:

That Cyfarthfa joke makes more sense now

Essentially I am one of the many artists with paintings at the exhibition so for the next few months (up until June 23rd in fact) you can hobble along to my local museum and gallery and see two of my paintings in the flesh.

Plus, a bunch of other really amazing artworks too. Seriously, I popped down last weekend and the work on show is amazing.

Pictured by my lovely girlfriend who is much better at such things

This is them by the way (above), one called "Colour" and the other "Splitting Image" because I am still awful at naming stuff.

Though I am least past my "Painting 1" phase.

One is just a little experiment I did to try out some colour ideas, the other is a genuine attempt at an oil painting on wood.

I'll let you decide which is which.

You can find this pair in the room to the right of the main entrance by the way, which is in the museum part of the building not where the gallery bit is. The exhibition is split in two.

So, uh, that's that out of the way I suppose.

Wanna see some art?


Turned out nice didn't it?

I'm in the honeymoon phase at the moment; I just love how it ended up.

It's inked with fine liners for the most part, with a little brush pen for good measure.

Wait, you've seen this on facebook!


Okay, how about this:


The drawing is only the beginning, I am going full colour!

This is just a WIP by the way ('Work In Progress' not 'whip' you pervert). I am planning on doing a complete digital painting with this.

It's actually an illustration of an idea largely based on my girlfriend's marginal obsession with dodo's and a conversation that we started back at the beginning before we even had our first date.

Over the last few months it's morphed into a genuinely curious little idea that we're hoping to develop into something more interesting.

This is the first illustration to come out of that and it hopefully nails the tone of what we're trying for.

Dodo's are epic.

I kinda don't have anything else to write now, but I hate ending things too abruptly. I should wrap things up neatly.

Oh god, wait!

I forgot!

I finished this:

I shouldn't be allowed to take photos of stuff

It's drawn in ink and coloured pencil and it is just hideous.

I'm kinda proud.

Just a writhing mass of tentacles and monstrous hands dragging a Conan-esque barbarian to his doom.

It's the stuff of nightmares.

Not my nightmares.

We covered this.

My nightmares are reasonable and sane.

I have never dreamed of a sadistic candy monster made of M&M's eating all my friends or a decrepit faceless mummy with mouths for hands biting my fingers off.

I don't even dream.


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