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Well, that went well...


So much for keeping this blog up weekly eh?

Anyway, it's been a tumultuous few weeks since my last confession and I am making my illustrious (or illustrationious) return.

So what's been going on?

Well the business I worked for evaporated, which is obviously awful and I found myself briefly sans job for a little while. Fortunately however a new business rose from it's ashes and they decided to employ me so my unemployment was mercifully short lived and came with something of a bonus.

Specifically my new job comes with a much larger focus on design work where before I largely spent my days creating online listings for party stuff. This has meant learning to use vectors properly at last. Previously I'd used a little inkscape on something like this:

Oh, this is years old...

Which looks nice and all but it's actually a pretty simple image - a black silhouette over a gradient circle. I barely even manage curves.

But now...well I've had more practice and started using Illustrator. Now I can do this:

I drew a goddamned dragon! For work!

And this:

Totally not Superman, honest...

And eventually this glorious monstrosity:

Not too bad I think, a decent about of progress in a fairly short amount of time. I can now do vectors.

Incidentally, you may notice I'm not making reference to the post apocalyptic survivors anymore. That's because they're likely dead by now. Sorry, but it's called the apocalypse for a reason.

Anyway, that's kinda what's been going on, and it's meant I've not been particularly art focused the last few weeks. But y'know I never go too long.

Here's a zombie monster I painted earlier today ;)

Obviously a male zombie monster thing...

Until the next time...erm...goodbye...

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