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Zombie Ted Lives!

Hello again. It's blog time once again!

And a special hello to those of you who survived the coming apocalypse and are desperate enough for digital media to use the last of your precious electricity to read this blog. Seriously, you could have used it for an electric tin opener or something and had yourself some sweet tinned pineapple.

Anyhoo, yesterday was CICE (Cardiff Independent Comic Expo) and here is the picture to prove I was there;

Zombie Ted is there!

To those of you surviving a dystopian future, this is what the world looked like before the fungal zombie invasion. That white area at the back is sunlight and is what used to fill the sky during the days before the spore cloud.

Anyway (I've already said "anyhoo"), this was my second attempt at a convention as a seller (the first did not go great - yes spore survivors, I know you have it worse) and I am pleased to report things went much better.

CICE was back in the Mercure Hotel this year (the Mason's Lodge of last year is an amazing building but the Mercure has better air conditioning) and there was much more space to move about (behold my mighty banner as it actually had space to erect). I actually managed some comic book sales this year, which was awesome (the first Zombie Ted sold largely via friends and family) and there were people genuinely enthusiastic about it.

It was all genuinely a pleasant experience.

That said, it was still a fairly quiet day (I was at the back so I suspect a lot of people didn't get that far in) so I had plenty of time for some convention sketches.

Which does seem like a pretty good place to end in a slightly awkward manner. Here they are:

Clive is a fungal zombie.

Yeah I know, the "Dead Meat" tattoo was a cheap gag...

how long before people notice the warty stoma thing on the dragon's snout do you think?

Seriously? What the hell is on this guy's head?

Sometimes I am just too lazy to draw legs...

See, just no legs again. I was up at 6am for this con and I was really tired by this point.

I did make up for it by drawing big feet on bogfoot in the final picture.

P.S. Survivors of the apocalypse - I stashed some tinned food for you. I'm sorry you'll have to use a manual tin opener. And not one of the fancy geared ones, I mean the awkward spiky one. It is a dystopia after all.

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Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins
Jun 06, 2018


Of course you can, book 1 is already on ebay and book 2 will hopefully get listed this weekend 😁


Janice Duke
Janice Duke
Jun 04, 2018

Well done! This reminds me, I've been meaning to buy a copy of both for ages 😆 Any chance of signed copies, pretty please? 😊

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